End user license agreement self-serviceability

End User License Agreement (EULA) Management is self-serviceable from the MaaS360 Portal > Setup > Services page. When you enable the EULA Management service, you can configure and distribute the Usage policy from the WorkPlace Persona Policy settings.

The EULA Management feature is available for MDM, SPS, and Mixed Mode customers. If you enable the Mobile Application Management (MAM) service only, the EULA management does not apply to those customer accounts.
EULA Services

The following EULA Usage policy screens are displayed to the user on the device during device enrollment:

EULA management

EULA Usage policy

You can configure the EULA Usage policy from the WorkPlace Persona policy settings. Go to Security > Policies, and then select the WorkPlace Persona policy > Services. Use the Usage policy at Services settings (WorkPlace Persona policy) to upload the specific usage acceptance that you want to display on the user device during device enrollment. For more information about the Usage policy behavior on the user device, see EULA Usage policy actions on a user device.