Creating a community-based policy in the MaaS360 Portal

The MaaS360® policy recommendation engine suggests policy settings based on policies configured by similar organizations in the MaaS360 community.

About this task

MaaS360 suggests a cognitive policy based on your industry, deployment size, and area. You can enhance your existing policies with the community-derived policies. The policy recommendations indicate if your peers are following better approaches. If you are new to policies, you can easily start from a policy that is based on community-based recommendations to make sure that you are inline with industry standards.

Note: These policy settings are not recommended by MaaS360 but are derived from organizations with similar profiles.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Security > Policies.
  2. Click Add Policy.
    The Add Policy page is displayed.
  3. Provide a name, type, description, and then select Community Based Policy in the Start From field.
  4. Click Continue.
    The organization profile details are automatically populated based on your organization records.
  5. Choose the right values that define your organization profile and the usage requirements in the Industry, Region, and Deployment Size fields.
  6. Click Continue.
    • The policy recommendations based on the organization profile that you chose are displayed.
      Cognitive recommendation
    • If the policy recommendations for your organization profile are not available, you can manually create a default policy without recommendations.

You can click Backto return back to the Add Policy page or reset the details you previously set.

  1. Click Edit to modify the policy based on your requirements.
  2. Click Save and Publish to publish the policy to selected devices.
    If you have modified the community-recommended configuration (for example, disabled the Passcode policy), the community usage statistics (in percentages) for that configuration are displayed in the Publish window.
  3. Optional: Click Apply to apply the policy recommendations.
  4. Click Continue to publish the policy.
    The community-based policy is successfully applied to devices.