Configuring the Quick Start for the first time

When you log in to the MaaS360® customer account for the first time, the screen to configure the Quick Start is displayed. This wizard includes all the essential configurations that are needed to get started with the MaaS360 account.

The Quick Start includes the following configurations:

  1. Set up Apple Enrollment: Enrolls and manages Apple devices. To set up Apple enrollment, you need the company Apple ID and the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) certificate.
  2. Set up Android Enterprise: Use Android Enterprise features on Android devices, such as Work Profile (Profile Owner), Work-managed device (Device Owner), and dedicated devices (COSU). To set up Android Enterprise, you need a managed Google Play account (if you do not use G Suite for Business), domain name, and the EMM token (if you are using G Suite for Business).
  3. Set up Security policies: Use security policies to manage security settings on devices based on the device platform such as iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices.
  4. Configure Corporate email: Sets up email on the email app that is preinstalled on user devices. To set up corporate email, you need the email provider hostname.
  5. Enroll Devices: Adds devices to the MaaS360 account.

During every step of the Quick Start wizard setup, you are provided an option to skip that step. Click the Return to Quick Start option on the Home page to resume the Quick Start setup or to restart the setup. A popup message is also displayed that provides the option to restart or resume the Quick Start when you log in to the customer account.