Adding a portal administrator account

Follow these steps to add an administrator account.


  1. From MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Setup > Portal Administrators > Administrators.
    The Administrators page is displayed.
  2. Click Add Administrator.
  3. Enter your corporate email address and username for the new administrator account that you want to add.
    If the username is the same as the email address, select the Same as Corporate Email Address checkbox.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Optional: Select Limit portal administrator access to specified managed user groups to limit administrator to manage selected user groups. You can choose one or more user groups for administrator management.
  6. Select one or more roles that are assigned to the new administrator account.
    When you select a role, the role description is displayed in the Role Description field.
    Roles with duplicate names are listed with more details about role hierarchy that helps the administrator choose the right roles to update administrator roles. Hover over the role name to view more information about the role.
    • Administrator: No inheritance is specified since this role is inherited from the immediate partner's role.
    • Administrator (Inherited from example account number 1122334455): Inherited from 1122334455 (level1partner under 11122233).
    • Administrator (Inherited from account number 11122233): Inherited from 11122233 (level2partner under 66622211).
    Note: A MaaS360® Portal Administrator can create administrator accounts with equal or lesser access roles only. An administrator who is assigned the Help Desk role can create Help Desk accounts only, but cannot create an account with more access roles such as the administrator.
  7. Select the primary administrator checkbox and click Next.
    The option to add an administrator as the primary administrator is available only if no administrator account is a primary administrator.

    Note: Only an administrator account with the Service Administrator role can be a primary administrator.

  8. Review the new administrator account details and click Save.
  9. Type your password for the security check and click Continue.
    If the administrator is added as a primary administrator, a confirmation message is displayed asking if you want to make this administrator the primary administrator. This message is displayed before the password security check.


The portal administrator account is successfully created and listed on the Administrators page. An email is sent to the registered email address that contains the account details and temporary credentials for logging in to the MaaS360 Portal.

Note: The options and workflows that are available for an administrator account depend on the access rights that are available for the administrator account.

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