Using the App Catalog

MaaS360® lists all the apps in the App Catalog on the App Catalog List page.

You can use the App Catalog List page to take actions on apps such as filter, sort, search, delete, or export.

app catalog manage
Table 1. App Catalog Home page
Section Description
a. Quick actions Take the following actions:
  • View: Displays detailed information about an app, such as app type, app category, how many devices received the app, how many devices installed the app, security policies in effect for the app, and an audit trail for the app.
  • Distribute: Distributes the app to targeted devices.
  • Delete: Deletes the app from the App Catalog. Deleting an app clears the existing distribution lists and also uninstalls the app if Remove on Stop distribution is enabled.
  • App Distribution and Installation Details: Displays the app distribution and installation details.
  • Manage Distributions: View and stops app distribution.
  • Add App to Bundle: Adds the app to existing app bundles.
  • Add As Featured: Marks an app as a Featured app to highlight the app in the Featured app list in the end-user App Catalog.
b. Platform Type Specifies the type of app.
c. Add Apps Adds iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, web apps, or app bundles.
d. Featured Adds and manages Featured apps.
e. App Bundles Creates app bundles. An app bundle is a group of individual apps that are bundled and loaded in the App Catalog.
f. More
  • App Settings: Configures app settings such as App Catalog mode (Basic or Advanced) or Android settings.
  • Provisioning Profiles: Displays a list of provisioning profiles. A provisioning profile uniquely ties developers and devices to an authorized development team and enables iOS enterprise apps to run on specific devices.
  • Code Signing Certificates for iOS: Displays a list of code signing certificates. A code signing certificate verifies a software publisher's identity and confirms that the digitally-signed code is not modified or corrupt since signing.
  • Apple VPP Licenses: Uploads Apple VPP tokens to the MaaS360 Portal to manage Apple VPP licenses for specific users, groups of users, or devices.
  • Manage Dependencies for Windows Apps: Uploads app dependencies. An app dependency is a package that must be installed as a prerequisite for some of the Windows 10 apps. You can upload a maximum of 10 app dependencies that use the .appx or the .appxbundle file type. For more information, see Dependency packages for .appx and .appxbundle packages.
  • Show Deleted apps: A list of deleted apps.
  • Manage Distributions: The global distribution list for apps across all platforms: iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android.