Apple VPP Managed License Integration Guide

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows your organization to purchase Apple applications (apps) in bulk and distribute those apps to your employees through the MaaS360® MDM or the MaaS360 App Catalog.

Why use the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)?

The following list explains the benefits of using the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP):
  • If your organization purchases apps from the iTunes App Store, MaaS360 provides the Apple VPP and the Maas360 App Catalog so you can easily manage app licenses.
  • When your organization purchases a paid app license from Apple, you can distribute and assign app licenses to devices by using a streamlined workflow.
  • The administrator can purchase apps in bulk for an entire organization. This bulk purchase eliminates the need for users to individually purchase apps.
  • Your organization owns the app licenses. When a user leaves the organization, the administrator can revoke a license and assign that license to a different device.
  • Apps are always in sync with the most up-to-date version of that app in the iTunes App Store.

Prerequisites for the Apple VPP

Your organization must have an Apple VPP account before you can use the Apple VPP with MaaS360. If your organization does not have an Apple VPP account, sign up for an account at

More information about the Apple VPP

To learn more about the Apple VPP, see or the Apple VPP Guide at

Integrating the Apple VPP with MaaS360

Apple VPP integration with MaaS360 involves downloading an Apple VPP token using login credentials from a valid Apple VPP account, uploading the Apple VPP token to the MaaS360 Portal to enable Apple VPP licenses, and then adding and distributing Apple VPP apps to either users or devices.