Release notes for 10.85 - 11 March 2022

Description of new features and other information specific to the 10.85 platform release of IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Device Management (SaaS).


  • New permissions dialog to request location accuracy on Android 12 devices

    For Android 12 or later versions, device users can choose how to accurately share their device's location as Precise (ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION) or Approximate (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION).

    When the MaaS360 app targets Android 12, the new system permissions dialog provides the following options for the device user:

    • Precise: Provides the precise location of the device to the MaaS360 app.
    • Approximate: Provides only an approximate location of the device to the MaaS360 app.

    The Precise location pinpoints a device's location down to a few meters. MaaS360 uses this level of location accuracy to enable geo-fencing of the device, to detect unsecure Wi-Fi connections, and to determine when the device enters a preconfigured location. The MaaS360 Kiosk app requires this permission to display the configured Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices that are in close range of the device. For more information, see

  • Automatically generate consistent device ID for Android 11 and earlier devices

    Google generates an enrollment-specific identifier for the device as a part of Android Enterprise enrollment. This identifier remains consistent even if the work profile is removed and enrolled again (to the same organization), or the device is factory reset and re-enrolled.

    To avoid duplicate device records, MaaS360 uses the same identifier for device re-enrollment. In previous releases, administrators had to enable this feature for Android 11 or earlier devices through the device enrollment settings. In this release, MaaS360 automatically enables this capability for all Android Enterprise devices.


Windows 11 Readiness report

MaaS360 introduces a Windows 11 Readiness report that uses real-time data to show the Windows devices on your network that are ready to upgrade to Windows 11. For more information about upgrading your devices to Windows 11, see For more information about the readiness report, see Windows 11 Readiness report.

MaaS360 platform

  • Enhancements to Settings in the MaaS360 Portal

    • The term Local was replaced with the term MaaS360 Directory in the MaaS360 Portal user interface.
    • The following enhancements were made to the User Password settings:
      • When an administrator creates an account in the MaaS360 Directory, administrators can automatically generate a password, manually set a password, or disable the password generation mechanism for users.
      • The following options were deprecated from the User Password settings:
        • generating a password on request from an administrator or during App Catalog distribution
        • generating a user password automatically during new device enrollment
    • Customers that have enabled Unified Sign-in can disable the MaaS360 Directory user authentication type that restricts these users from authenticating.

    For more information, see Settings in the MaaS360 Portal.

  • Increased custom user attributes value for the text attribute

    Administrators can now define a maximum of thirty custom user attributes which includes fifteen text or string attributes, two secure value attributes, and five attributes each of date, enum, or boolean values. For more information, see Managing user attributes in the MaaS360 Portal.

MaaS360 web services API

The following new API was added for this release:
  • Get Audit of Ruleset Changes

    Fetches audits of all rule changes that were made within a specific timeframe for the billing ID of an organization.