Migrating apps from an SCCM server to MaaS360 using the SCCM Migration Tool

MaaS360® provides a new workflow to migrate applications from an SCCM server directly into MaaS360 using the MaaS360 Migration Tool. In addition to Group Policy Objects (GPO) migration, the Migration Tool includes a new option named Applications Migration, where the tool connects to an SCCM server, fetches the metadata of MSI apps from the SCCM server, and then populates the tool with the fetched app name. Administrators can choose which apps to migrate into MaaS360. When migration is initiated, MaaS360 fetches the binaries from the apps that are selected and uploads the corresponding apps to the MaaS360 server.

About this task

Use the MaaS360 Migration Tool to migrate apps from an SCCM server to the MaaS360 Portal, and then distribute and install those apps on Windows MDM devices.


  1. Download the Migration Tool from one of the following locations in the MaaS360 Portal:
    • Setup > Settings > Directory and Enrollment > Enrollment Programs > Windows > CMT Co-existence
    • Devices > Enrollments > Other Enrollments > CMT Co-existence
  2. Click Install.
    Install the Migration Tool on Windows 10+ endpoints that are configured with a device that is connected to an SCCM server. Make sure that the device is in the same domain as the SCCM server.
  3. Provide the username and password for the administrator who authenticates with MaaS360, and then click Next.
    SCCM Migration Tool Login window
    If authentication is successful, the installation wizard continues to the next steps.
  4. From the Migration Type window, select Applications Migration, and then click Next.
    App migration window
  5. From the Migration Configuration window, provide the SCCM server name, SCCM site code, and SCCM server credentials, and then click Next.
    Migration configuration window
  6. From the Migration Configuration window, select the apps that you want to migrate from the SCCM server, and then click Next.
    Note: For the 10.76 platform release, MaaS360 supports the migration of MSI apps only.
    Select apps to migrate window
    Note: When apps are migrated from SCCM to MaaS360, app binaries and libraries are also migrated and published in MaaS360. Larger apps take up a greater amount of storage space for a customer account. Customers might be charged for using additional storage space than what they are entitled to. Customers should only migrate apps that are actively distributed to endpoints, and not migrate inactive or retired apps.
    If app migration is successful, click Finish.
    The migrated apps are displayed in the MaaS360 App Catalog:
    1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog.
    2. Click View next to the app name to open the app in the Details view.
    3. Review information about the app.
      For more information about viewing details about an app, see Editing an app in the Details view.
  7. After you migrate an app, the app is ready for distribution to devices. To distribute the app to Windows MDM devices, select the app, and then click Distribute:
    1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog.
    2. Open the app that you want to distribute.
    3. In the Detail view of the app, click Distribute.
      The Distribute App window is displayed.
    4. Click Distribute.
      The app is successfully distributed to devices.
    5. Go to Summary > Apps Distributions to view the details of the distributed app in the MaaS360 Portal Distribution Details view.
  8. If app distribution is successful, users are ready to install the apps on their Windows devices.