Troubleshooting issues with user authentication

Troubleshooting issues with authenticating users for the Cloud Extender®.

  • Authentication or reachability errors during setup

    When you set up Cloud Extender for user authentication, you can debug and view errors by accessing the following log: C:\%ProgramData%\MaaS360\Cloud Extender\AR\Data. Review the LDAPAuthTest_Debug.log and LDAPReachability_Debug.log to view the error messages.

  • Users cannot authenticate when they enroll devices

    The MaaS360® logs are named EMSAgent logs with an appended date and time and are located at C:\%ProgramData%\MaaS360\Cloud Extender\logs. Old logs are compressed in the gzip format. The most recent EMSAgent log is 0 KB in size, but open the file to display the data. To determine whether authentication was a success or failure, search for LDAP-AUTH, AuthStatus: Success or AuthStatus: Failure.

  • High Availability - Determine which Cloud Extender is used for authentication

    When multiple instances of Cloud Extender are used for User Authentication High Availability, MaaS360 uses a round-robin style authentication to equally balance requests to all Cloud Extenders. However, you might not easily locate the Cloud Extender that is used for authentication.

    To locate the Cloud Extender that is used to debug authentication issues, log in to the MaaS360 Portal, access the Devices > Actions & Events workflow. If you do not see the authentication record that you want to view, search for the record by using the workflow in the Action History section.

    When you locate the record, you can view which Cloud Extender is used for authentication. The first column provides the Computer Name and the third column provides the device ID. To debug the issue, log in to the Cloud Extender server and obtain the EMS agent logs to look for failures by using the LDAP-AUTH search string.