Installing the Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG)

Follow these steps to install the Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG).

Before you begin

You must purchase the Enterprise Gateway feature separately from the Cloud Extender® software. To purchase this feature, contact IBM® Support.


  1. Log in to the MaaS360® Portal and select Setup > Services.
    If the Enterprise Gateway feature is enabled, the Enterprise Gateway window displays a list of the available relay servers (for Relay access mode only). The servers on this list might be different depending on your account settings.
    Note: Contact IBM Support if the Enterprise Gateway feature is not enabled.
    List of available relay servers
  2. Download Cloud Extender and obtain the license key.
  3. Follow the steps in the installation wizard to install Cloud Extender. When the installation is complete, the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool is displayed:
    Cloud Extender Configuration Tool MEG setting
    Note: After you install Cloud Extender, the Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG) module might take a few minutes to download. If the Enterprise Gateway option is not displayed in Cloud Extender Configuration Tool, close the tool, wait a few minutes, and then start the tool again.
  4. Optional: If you use a proxy server for outbound access, select Proxy on the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool menu bar to configure proxy settings for Cloud Extender. Cloud Extender uses these settings to communicate with relay services and the MaaS360 backend services for overall configuration and management.
    Option Description
    Do not use proxy If Cloud Extender is not installed in a proxy environment, select this option to establish a direct connection between Cloud Extender and the MaaS360 Cloud.
    Manual The static proxy address and proxy port for your proxy server.
    Proxy PAC URL The URL of the proxy PAC file that is hosted in your environment.
    Auto Proxy Automatically searches for the Proxy PAC file from your DNS or DHCP server.
    Use Proxy Authentication If your proxy requires authentication, select this option and provide the service account credentials (user name, domain, and password) to authenticate against your proxy.
    Note: This proxy setting is used for outbound connections from the Cloud Extender to the relays (in Relay access mode), MaaS360 gateway provisioning services, and to any resources on the internet.

What to do next

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