Configuring access to Secure Document for SharePoint and CMIS

Follow these steps to configure access in the MaaS360® Portal to MaaS360 Secure Document for SharePoint and CMIS.

About this task

Secure Document for SharePoint and CMIS provides your users with access to SharePoint and CMIS repositories and the capability to view all files in Document view from their mobile devices.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Docs > Content Sources.
  2. Click Add New Source > SharePoint Site.
    The Add SharePoint Site window is displayed.
  3. Provide the following settings:
    Option Description
    Site Display Name Specifies the name of the SharePoint site displayed to users on their mobile devices.
    Site Visibility Specifies whether to route traffic through the gateway (Internal) or whether gateway access is not required because the SharePoint site is publicly hosted (External).
    Select Gateway Specifies the gateway or gateway cluster that connects to the SharePoint site and whether you want the site accessible from your corporate intranet.
    Note: This gateway is either your corporate gateway or the Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG).
    Configure Regional Gateways Routes devices to regional gateways or gateway clusters based on the location of the device.

    Specifies the country and the regional gateway that the devices in that country communicate with. The location (country) of the device is determined by the time zone setting on the device and the GPS location of the device. Use this setting to manage one distribution for all devices, but still maintain awareness of the location of all devices around the globe.

    Browser URL Specifies the URL that displays the SharePoint site name.
    Group Access Permissions Distributes the SharePoint site to target devices along with access permissions associated with distribution.