Tracking location history in MaaS360

If the Location History is enabled, MaaS360 records information about the previous locations and movements of enrolled devices.

Before you begin

  • The Location service must be enabled on the device.
  • The Location permission must be granted to the MaaS360 app.
  • The Location history must be enabled in the MaaS360 portal.

About this task

The location history data provides insights into the whereabouts of devices, which can be valuable for asset tracking, security monitoring, and other management purposes. MaaS360 retains the location history for a maximum of 90 days, allowing administrators to track the historical movements of enrolled devices within that timeframe. Administrators cannot retrieve location data that is older than 90 days.
  • The tracking starts from the moment location history is enabled, and data prior to that point cannot be retrieved or tracked.
  • Location history cannot be tracked if the privacy settings for location tracking are enabled in the following path:

    Security > Privacy > Restrict Location Information

Follow these steps to track the location history:


  1. From the MaaS360 Home page, navigate to Devices > Inventory.
  2. Open the details page of the device.
  3. In the device details page, select the Summary drop down and then select the Location Information tab.
  4. Click the Time column and choose from predefined options. If you want to view history for a specific custom date range, select the Custom option. The selected date range should not exceed 31 days.
    device details location
  5. (Optional) Click Export to export the location history to CSV or Excel format.