MDM action

The API allows the Identity Services Engine (ISE) to send an action command to the MDM to perform certain actions.


POST /ciscoise/action/? Content Type Header: multipart/form-data

Parameter name Required or optional Description
actionType Required Choose the action type and upload the XML payload:
  • full_wipe
  • corporate_wipe
  • pin_lock

Request payload

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ise_api> <identifier> <macaddress> 000000000000</macaddress> </identifier > </ise_api>

Sample request

Sample response

<ise_api > <name>action</name> <api_version>2</api_version> <deviceList> <device> <macaddress>000000000000</macaddress> <result> <action_status>true</register_status> <failure_reason>Not Compliant</failure_reason> </result> </device> <deviceList> </ise_api>