Daily Usage (Mobile Data Usage Analysis reports)

The Daily Usage (Mobile Data Usage Analysis) dashboard reports the daily mobile data usage (in GB) during a specific billing period by all devices in the MaaS360 customer account. This reporting data provides the daily usage of in-network mobile data from the current date to the last 30 days for the specific billing period.

About this task

Use the Daily Usage dashboard to review mobile data that is used on a daily basis during a specific billing period by all mobile devices that are enrolled in the customer account. This daily usage report also provides the total usage of data (in GB) for the billing period.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, click Reports > Data Usage Analysis.
    The Mobile Data Usage Analysis dashboard is displayed.
  2. Choose the type of chart that is used to view the Daily Usage dashboard. The available chart types are Bar chart, Pie chart, Line chart, or Area chart.
    For the Bar chart, Line chart, and Area chart, the x-axis represents the date (DD-Month-Year) and the y-axis represents the mobile data usage (in GB). For the Pie chart, percentage values are displayed instead of the x-axis and the y-axis.
  3. Click the table table icon icon to view chart and the table data for the report.
  4. Click Customize Columns to select the columns that are displayed in the table data. If you have not customized the columns, the table data displays the default columns.
  5. In the table data, apply the needed filters on the columns to sort the Daily Usage dashboard. Use filters based on the data usage date, current network, current country, roaming status, and usage period.
    The table data displays the device name, username, phone number, usage date, roaming status, current network, current country, data usage (in MB), device IMEI, and usage period for mobile devices based on the filters that are applied. The relevant chart data is displayed depending on the table data results.
  6. Click Export in either the chart data or the table data based on the type of dashboard that you want to export.
    The chart data exports the displayed graph as a .png file and the table data exports the displayed column results as a .csv file.
    Viewing an example of the Daily Usage dashboard as a Bar chart
    Mobile data usage

    The following data is displayed on the Daily Usage dashboard:

    • The daily data usage dates were available for two dates for the usage period in January 2021. Data usage was only reported on those two dates during the billing period.
    • One device used 11.81 GB of in-network data on 09 February 2021 and currently used the IND Airtel network.
    • One device used 137.37 GB of in-network data on 15 February 2021 and currently used Airtel network.
    • For this example, the billing cycle starts on the 16th of every month. For January 2021, data usage was calculated from 16 January 2021 to 16 February 2021. Devices that used mobile data in the current country during this billing period were listed in the table data.
    • No data usage was reported for devices during the January billing period except on 09 February 2021 and 15 February 2021.
    • The devices used mobile data on the IND Airtel and Airtel networks.
    • The device details list the device username, device name, IMEI, and device phone number.