Adding cloud apps to the Verify portal

The administrator must manually add trusted cloud apps to the Verify portal so that users can safely download those apps to their devices.

Verify is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that acts as an Identity Provider (IDP) for all apps. Users authenticate to the Verify service before they can access cloud apps. Users must provide the same authentication credentials to access all cloud apps.

Verify uses the SAML capabilities of cloud apps for IDP authentication. If a user tries to access a cloud app, the cloud app redirects the user to Verify for SAML authentication before the user can use the cloud app. Verify provides a set of pre-defined connectors to connect Verify as the Identity Provider for many cloud apps. The administrator can search for and add any licensed or entitled apps in their Verify portal.
Select Application Type window

What to do next: Configure single sign-on and conditional access on cloud apps