Enrolling your iOS device (without MDM)

Follow these steps to enroll your iOS device in the IBM® MaaS360® Productivity Suite and manage that device without Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Before you begin

You must have one of the following items before you can enroll your iOS device:
  • IBM MaaS360 email enrollment request
  • IBM MaaS360 text message
  • A specific enrollment URL sent by your organization


  1. Open the device activation request email or text message from your administrator.
    Device activation request email
    Device activation request text message
    The MaaS360 Device Activation screen is displayed.
    MaaS360 Device Activation screen
  2. Tap Install.
    Note: Since you are installing your device in the MaaS360 Productivity Suite without MDM, you must access the MaaS360 Device Activation screen again.
    The MaaS360 for iOS app is displayed in the App Store.
  3. Tap the Cloud icon.
    The MaaS360 for iOS app is downloaded to your device.
    App store
  4. Tap Open.
    The Get Started screen is displayed.
    Get started page
  5. Tap I have a user account to activate the device.
    The Welcome to MaaS360 screen is displayed.
    Welcome to MaaS360 screen
  6. Type your corporate identifier and your email address from your device activation request, and then tap Continue.
  7. Type your passcode from your device activation request, and then tap Continue.
  8. Optional: Tap Ownership to change the default ownership information for your device, and then tap Continue.
    The Accept Terms screen is displayed.
    Accept terms
  9. Read the license information, and then tap Accept.
    The Set Your Pin screen is displayed.
    Set Your Pin screen
  10. Type and confirm your PIN. You must use this PIN to access the secure container on your device that contains your corporate email, calendar, and contacts.
    The MaaS360 for iOS app container is installed.
    Note: You might receive messages about allowing MaaS360 to send you notifications.
    MaaS360 for iOS app container