Enrolling your iOS device (MDM)

Follow these steps to enroll your iOS device in the IBM® MaaS360® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tool.

Before you begin

You must have the following information before you can enroll your iOS device:
  • The device passcode
  • Your Apple ID
  • Your Apple ID password
You must have one of the following items before you can start the enrollment process for your iOS device:
  • IBM MaaS360 email enrollment request
  • IBM MaaS360 text message
  • A specific enrollment URL sent by your organization


  1. Choose one of the following actions to begin the enrollment process:
    • Open the Safari browser on your device and tap the MaaS360 enrollment request URL from your enrollment request notification email or text message.
    • If a QR code is provided in the enrollment request notification, scan the QR code.
    Device enrollment request email
    iOS enrollment request notification
  2. At the authentication prompt, type a passcode or use your corporate credentials:
    iOS enrollment authentication
    Option Description
    Passcode prompt
    1. Type the passcode that is listed in your enrollment request notification.
    2. Select whether the device is personal, owned by the organization, or owned by the organization and shared between several users, and then tap Continue.
    Corporate credentials prompt
    1. Type your corporate credentials (the user name and the password that you use to log in to your computer) in the Username and Password fields. The Domain field might be automatically populated.
    2. Select whether the device is personal, owned by the organization, or owned by the organization and shared between several users, and then tap Continue.

    Note: If your organization uses two-factor authentication, you must enter your corporate credentials and one-time passcode. If your administrator did not specify who owns the device, select device ownership.

    The Mobile Device Management screen is displayed.
    Mobile Device Management screen
  3. Click Continue.
    The Accept Terms screen is displayed.
    Accept terms
  4. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Continue.
    The Download & Install Profile screen is displayed. The profile installation process secures the communication channel with MaaS360.
  5. At the prompt, agree to allow MaaS360 to manage your device and click Install. This screen is displayed for iOS devices before iOS version 12.2.
    MaaS360 installs the profile on your device. Continue with step 6.
    Download and install
    • For iOS 12.2+ devices, the Download Profile screen is displayed. Follow these steps:
      1. Click Download to download the profile. You receive a notification that the profile is downloaded.
      2. After the Profile is downloaded, go to Settings > Install Downloaded Profile and install MaaS360 MDM Enrollment to complete the profile installation.

        Note: The downloaded profile is automatically deleted if you do not install the profile within 8 minutes after you downloaded the profile.

      3. Continue with step 6.
    Download profile
    Profile downloaded
    Profile downloaded
    Profile downloaded
    MaaS360 MDM enrollment
    MaaS360 MDM enrollment completion
  6. Tap Install.
    A warning message about MaaS360 remotely managing your device to install the profile is displayed.
    Profile installation warning
  7. Tap Install again.
    The Remote Management screen is displayed.
    Remote Management screen
  8. Tap Trust to confirm that you trust MaaS360 to manage your device.
    The Profile Installed screen is displayed when the profile installation process is complete.
    Profile Installed screen
  9. Go to the Safari browser and in the Profile Download Complete screen, click Continue.
    Profile download complete
    Make sure that the downloaded MDM profile is installed before you click Continue. If the profile is not installed the MDM profile not installed alert is displayed.
    MDM profile not installed
  10. Click Done.
    The App Installation notification message is displayed.
    Install apps
  11. Click Install for each notification and then close your browser.
    The apps are displayed on your device.
    MaaS360 app screen
  12. Click the MaaS360 app icon.
    MaaS360 app icon
    The MaaS360 app starts the configuration process on your device. During this process, you might receive messages about allowing MaaS360 to send you notifications.
    Notification messages
    Note: Depending on the security policy of your organization, you might need to set up a PIN.
    The MaaS360 app is installed on your device when the configuration process is complete.