Deploying iOS updates in MaaS360

Instructions on how to remotely deploy software updates and Rapid Security Responses (patch releases) to supervised iOS devices through the MaaS360® Portal.

MaaS360 allows you to remotely deploy software updates to iOS devices. You can choose to update devices to the selected iOS version or the Rapid Security Response (RSR) version from the MaaS360 Portal.

Advantages of deploying OS updates from the MaaS360 Portal
  • Update devices to a specific iOS version or a rapid security response version based on your requirements. MaaS360 displays the complete list of software versions and RSR versions that are currently supported by Apple.
  • Use device groups to deploy software updates to multiple devices at once. You can use the Latest Version option in the device group action to update devices to the latest version supported by each device.

Supported iOS devices

  • Supervised iOS 10.3 and later

Deploying iOS updates

MaaS360 allows you to deploy iOS updates to individual devices or multiple devices at once. You can use device groups to selectively deploy an iOS update on a subset of devices for the purpose of testing the compatibility with your apps, software, and devices prior to deploying that update to all devices in your organization.

Advanced search

Advanced Search allows you to filter devices that you want to target for iOS updates. You can create smart groups to dynamically target devices for iOS updates without manually updating the group membership. For example, you can create a smart group that includes all devices running an older iOS version. MaaS360 automatically updates the group when the devices in the MaaS360 Portal meet the specified criteria.

Follow these steps to deploy a software update:
  1. Do one of the following:
    • To deploy a software update to an individual device, navigate to Devices > Inventory. In the details view of the device, select More > Push iOS Update.
    • To deploy a software update to multiple devices, navigate to Devices > Groups. Hover over the More option below the group name and then select Push iOS Update.
      iOS Update action
      The Push iOS Update window is displayed.
      push update options
  2. Provide the following details:
    Setting Description
    Action Select one of the following deployment options:
    • Download and Install: MaaS360 downloads and installs the selected software update on the device.
    • Download only: MaaS360 downloads the selected software update on the device.
    • Install earlier downloaded updates immediately: The previously downloaded software update is installed on the device.
    Note: The software update can also be downloaded over the cellular network.
    Select OS version Select an iOS version that you want to update the device to. MaaS360 displays the list of supported OS versions and Rapid Security Responses (patch versions).
    • For the device action, the list of iOS versions displayed here is based on the device's current iOS version and model number. For the group action, MaaS360 displays a static list that is based on the software versions currently supported by Apple.
    • MaaS360 displays the Latest Version option for group actions only. You can use this option to automatically deploy the latest version that is applicable for each device model. For example, if you deploy the Push iOS Update action with the Latest Version option, iPhone 7 devices receive iOS 15.7.8 and iPhone 11 devices receive iOS version 16.6.
    • MaaS360 does not install the iOS version if the selected software version is incompatible with the device model or if the device is already running a newer software version.
    • The Rapid Software Response (RSR) versions are displayed in both device level and group actions. New Rapid Security Responses are delivered only for the latest versions of iOS and are compatible only with the corresponding base OS versions.

      The RSR versions are applied only if the following conditions are met:

      • The device is running the required base OS version before deploying the RSR. For example, RSR version 16.5.1 (c) is applicable only to its corresponding base operating system version 16.5.1.
      • A higher iOS version is not available for the device.
  3. Click Continue. The device can take up to 4 hours to download the update and 1 hour to install the software update. For more information on update status, see Tracking the status of iOS updates.

Tracking the status of iOS updates

After applying the Push iOS Update command, you can monitor the status of the deployment in the MaaS360 Portal. MaaS360 monitors the action for 48 hours, and if the update fails within this timeframe, MaaS360 automatically retries the download process.

To see the installation and download status of the deployment,
  1. From the MaaS360 Home page, navigate to Devices > Inventory.
  2. Open the detail view of the device. Click the Summary drop down and then select History.
    iOS Push Update

Statuses for the Push iOS updates command

The following table provides details about different statuses related to the Push iOS Update command:
Status Description
The software update (iOS 16.4) is being downloaded Indicates that the selected software update is currently being downloaded on the device.
Download complete. Installation started. Indicates that the selected software update has been successfully downloaded to the device and the installation process has started.
The software update is being installed. The software update is being currently installed on the device.
Download complete (iOS 16.4). Indicates that the selected software version has been downloaded to the device.
Version (iOS 16.4) is not relevant for this device. For group action, this status indicates that the selected software version is either incompatible with the device model or the device is already running a newer software version.