TeamViewer integration with MaaS360

MaaS360® integrates with TeamViewer to provide remote support to the managed devices from the MaaS360 Portal.

This integration allows you to view or control managed devices for troubleshooting purposes. This integration also ensures business connectivity by providing IT support to users without needing to travel for in-person support.

MaaS360 supports two modes of remote support:
  • Attended access: Allows remote access to devices based on end-user approvals.

    Supported endpoints: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows laptops and desktops 7 and later, and Windows 10+ phones.

  • Unattended access: Allows permanent access to remote devices without requiring any end-user intervention.

    This feature is supported on selected Android devices (App Version 6.20+) and Windows MDM.

Note: This topic only applies to customers who purchased TeamViewer directly through IBM®. If you are already a TeamViewer direct customer and did not purchase TeamViewer through IBM, contact your account representative.
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