Restricting the scope of the Cloud Extender

Use this setting if you want the Cloud Extender® to discover devices only from a subset of mailbox servers, domains, or an OU list in the Exchange environment.

If you need to integrate with a single instance of the Cloud Extender in your Exchange environment, configure the following options:
Restrict devices by mailbox server
Restrict devices by mailbox server

Option Description
Restrict devices by
  • Domain: Restricts devices imported from mailbox servers for selected domains only.
  • Mailbox: Restricts devices imported from a specific list of mailbox servers.
  • Organizational Unit: Restricts devices imported from mailboxes in a specific OU list.
    Note: The Organizational Unit option does not support multiple Cloud Extender setups against on-premises Exchange environments, and is also not available for Office 365.
Note: If you require multiple Cloud Extenders for your Exchange environment, see Multiple Cloud Extenders for Exchange Integration for detailed information.