Getting an RA certificate from Symantec

Follow these steps to obtain an RA certificate from Symantec.


  1. Log in to your Symantec PKI Manager account.
  2. From the PKI Manager dashboard, select Get an RA certificate.
    Get RA Certificate window
    The Get an RA certificate window is displayed.
  3. Open the Cloud Extender® Configuration Tool, click Create New Template, and then select the Symantec SCEP type.
  4. Provide the profile URL and profile OID from step 2.
  5. Click Don't have a RA Certificate, and provide a subject name and a password.
  6. Click Generate to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to obtain your RA certificate from Symantec.
  7. Click Copy To to copy the CSR to your clipboard.
  8. Go back to the Get an RA certificate window in the PKI Manager, and then paste your CSR that you copied to your clipboard.
  9. Click Continue to generate and then download your RA certificate file.
    Get an RA Certificate window

What to do next

Completing the Symantec PKI certificate template configuration