Viewing Apple Education class details in the MaaS360 Portal

The Classes page lists all the classes that are created including class details such as class name, department, instructor, course, location, last update date, class source, and the number of students in a class.

Viewing class details

For every class, you can view and bulk upload devices to the class. When you click View under the class name in the Classes page, the following class details are displayed:

Class details Description
Name The name of the class.
Description Additional information about the class.
Department The name of the department that the class belongs to.
Instructors A list of instructors who are assigned to the class.
Students A list of students who belong to the class.
Shared Devices The device serial number for shared devices in the class.
Course The course name of the class.
Location The location of the class.
Last Update Date The last time that details about the class were updated.
Source The creation source of the class such as Apple School Manager (ASM) or MaaS360®.
Apps A list of apps that are allowed in the class.
Policies A list of policies that apply to the class.