MaaS360 Portal Home page

The MaaS360® Portal Home page provides easy access to information where you manage enrolled smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Home page
Table 1. MaaS360 Portal Home page
Section Description
A - Navigation menu Menus that provide individual workflows for the MaaS360 Portal user.

Administrators: To enable new MaaS360 Portal features, go to Setup > Services.

Note: Some features might need to be activated by IBM® Support before your users can access that feature.
B - Search Search for devices, users, apps, and documents in your customer account. Use the View more option in the search results that directs to the respective workflow page such as Devices, Users, Apps, and Docs. For more information, see Searching for devices, users, apps, and docs in the MaaS360 Portal.
C - Portal icons
  • My Groups icon: Click the My Groups icon to view the list of managed groups and an option to search for a managed group.
  • Help icon: Click the Help icon to display a list of links to Popular Support Pages, IBM Documentation Home Page, Getting Started Videos, Training Videos, New Releases, and Features.
  • Support icon: Click the Support icon to view any active support case that is reported. You can also contact Support team on the click of Contact Support.
  • Portal Profile icon: Click the Portal Profile icon to view your MaaS360 Portal profile settings, such as your IBM account number, your username, and your email address. For more information, see Managing account details in the MaaS360 Portal.
  • Portal Logout icon: Click the Portal Logout icon to log out of the MaaS360 Portal.
D - Inventory An inventory of devices, users, apps, and documents in your environment. Click the Plus sign (+) icon next to each selection to update the inventory count.
For more information about managing inventory, see the following topics:
E - My Activity Feed Important updates on MaaS360 Portal activity, including new devices, policy changes, users that are entering the environment, or devices that are enrolled. You can sort this list by recent additions, compliance events, updates, or Cloud Extender® alerts.
F - My Alert Center Customizable tabs that alert you on security issues that exist in your environment or information alerts that display inventory changes in your environment.
Choose one of the following actions:
  • Device Locations icon: Click the Device Locations icon to display a map that shows the location of all existing devices in your environment.
  • Add Alerts icon: Click the Plus sign icon to add a new alert tab to your Alert Center.

    Use the Advanced Search feature in the Configuring search criteria topic to define criteria for the new alert tab as security or informational.

    Red security alert tabs turn green when devices populate the alert tab. Informational alert tabs are always displayed in blue.

  • Refresh Alerts icon: Click the Refresh Alerts icon to refresh the alert tabs. By default, the alert tabs refresh once every 24 hours.
  • Alert Center History icon: Click the Alert Center History icon to view a list of alerts that are active in your environment.
  • More Information icon: Click the Information icon to display the status of security alerts and information alerts in your environment.

Note: Alerts are not specific to administrators or global. Each administrator can customize an alert.

G - My Advisor with IBM Watson® Insights Advisor The MaaS360 The MaaS360 Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) community provides crucial information about issues affecting the MaaS360 product. The My Advisor also provides security information relevant to your environment, such as unstable devices, new risks, or vulnerabilities introduced by users in the environment.

You can view all insights or insights that are specific to Information updates, Opportunity improvements in the MaaS360 customer account, and any Risk Exposures in your account.

You can also sort insights by the last 30 days, 60 days, or 180 days.

  • Refresh icon: Click the Refresh icon to load the latest Insights Advisor for your account.
  • Subscribe icon: Click the Subscribe icon to subscribe to weekly notifications from Insights Advisor.