Installing the Cloud Extender software

The MaaS360® Cloud Extender® installation package installs the core software.

About this task

When the Cloud Extender software is installed, the Cloud Extender core connects to the MaaS360 Cloud to download the list of available services that are enabled in your MaaS360 Portal. By default, some modules are disabled in the MaaS360 Portal. You must enable these modules from Setup > Services in your MaaS360 Portal.


  1. Double-click the MaaS360 Cloud Extender Install icon.
  2. Click Next to advance to the Install Location screen.
  3. Choose your destination folder and click Next.
  4. Type the license key number that you received in the Welcome email message and your Account ID, and then click Next.
    The Account ID is the same ID as the Billing ID. The installation program compares the Billing ID that is embedded in the license key. If the Billing ID and the Account ID match, the Cloud Extender installation program continues. If the Billing ID and the Account ID do not match, a message box is displayed that informs you that the license key is not valid for the Account ID that you entered.
  5. Click Install, and then click Next to continue the installation.
  6. When prompted, click Finish to start the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool.
    Note: After you install the Cloud Extender, the software starts automatically. If the Cloud Extender does not start automatically, you can start the software from the Start menu or directly from %Program Files(x86)%\MaaS360\Cloud Extender\ConfigTool.exe.

    Using the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool

    The Cloud Extender Configuration Tool Landing page displays the Cloud Extender modules that were purchased by your organization and available for your Cloud Extender configuration.

    Cloud Extender Configuration Tool Landing page

    A module is an individual setup wizard for that specific Cloud Extender function. You can enable an individual module by moving the slider at the bottom of the module:

    Module slider
    From the Landing page, you can also take the following actions:
    • export Cloud Extender configuration settings to another Cloud Extender
    • import new Cloud Extender configuration settings from another Cloud Extender
    • set the proxy settings for the Cloud Extender to communicate externally
    • set all the active Cloud Extender modules to automatically update when updates are available
    • view the latest version of the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool
    • view and collect logs for each Cloud Extender module
    • check the connection status of the Cloud Extender core agent and each Cloud Extender module
    • access Help information about a Cloud Extender module on the MaaS360 IBM Docs site

    Uninstalling Cloud Extender

    Warning: When you uninstall Cloud Extender, MaaS360 removes all local MaaS360 services, records, and queued data from your server, such as Exchange actions or pending certificate enrollments. If you want to continue with the removal of Cloud Extender, you should use the Uninstall Cloud Extender action in the MaaS360 Portal.