Downloading an MDM token from the Apple DEP Portal

Follow these steps to enroll your organization to the Apple Deployment Program and then download the MDM server token from the Apple DEP Portal.

Before you begin

You must enroll in the Apple Deployment Program. If you are not enrolled in the Apple Deployment Program, see the Apple DEP Home page or the Apple DEP Guide. The enrollment process takes up to five business days.

About this task

Follow the steps in the Apple DEP Portal at


  1. Log in to the Apple DEP Portal.
    Apple DEP Portal
  2. Select Add MDM Server and then provide the MDM server name.
    The MDM server name is an internal identifier and does not apply to a particular MDM solution vendor. Click Next.
    Add MDM Server window
  3. Upload the MaaS360® public key that you downloaded from the MaaS360 Portal, and click Next.
    Add Demo Server window
  4. Download the MDM Server token, and click Done.
    Download token