Configuring the Cloud Extender

The Cloud Extender® software requires access to the MaaS360® Cloud to connect and to implement services. If you installed your Cloud Extender in a proxy environment, use the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool to configure Cloud Extender.


  1. Select the mode for internet access.
    • For manual proxy configuration, Cloud Extender supports Direct, PAC, or Auto Proxy. You can also set credentials for proxy authentication.
    • If you do not need a proxy to access the internet, enable the Do not use any proxy option.
    Note: For Cloud Extender 2.93 and later, you can now use an HTTPS URL to test your connection to the internet. For the INTERNET_TEST_URL_HTTPS parameter, push the HTTPS URL value to a policy.

    If an internet connection is successfully established, the following key is displayed in the registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Fiberlink\V360\UPDATE_PLC] "INET_TEST_URL"="". If the HTTPS URL fails to make a connection to the internet, the internet test times out after 30 seconds. No changes are made to the internet test action, and the previous internet URL is used to connect to the internet.

    When you configure internet access successfully, a green check mark is displayed on the Check for Internet connectivity screen.
    Option Description
    Do not use proxy If Cloud Extender is not installed in a proxy environment, select this option to establish a direct connection between Cloud Extender and the MaaS360 Cloud.
    Manually configure proxy settings Provide a static proxy address and proxy port for your proxy server.
    Proxy PAC URL Provide the URL of the proxy PAC file hosted in your environment.
    Auto Proxy Automatically search for the Proxy PAC file from your DNS or DHCP server.
    Use Proxy Authentication If your proxy requires authentication, select this option and provide the service account credentials (user name, domain, and password) to authenticate against your proxy.
    Note: To prevent Antivirus/scanning software from quarantining the Cloud Extender executable and other configuration files, make sure that the Cloud Extender directories are allowed in the exclusion list.
  2. Click Next.
    Cloud Extender connects to your MaaS360 Portal and collects a list of services and modules to configure on your Cloud Extender. This list depends on the services and modules that are enabled in your MaaS360 Portal.
  3. Select from the list of available Cloud Extender services and modules.
    Note: For more information about each service and module, see Configuring settings for the Cloud Extender modules.
    Important: If you are missing a module, contact IBM® Support at
  4. Click Next to verify that your environment meets the prerequisites.
    Note: The options on this screen might vary based on your selections.
  5. Click Next to configure the settings on each module that you selected.
  6. Run the corresponding Test actions to verify the integration.
    The Cloud Extender Status window is displayed. When settings are successfully downloaded and configured with MaaS360, a green check mark is displayed next to each configuration option.
  7. Click Next to configure automatic updates.
    Note: Enable Automatic Updates to download the most recent modules available for installation. If the Automatic Updates check box is disabled, modules are still downloading to your system. Enable the Automatic Software Updates feature for future module upgrades. You can also control when the Cloud Extender modules are upgraded.
  8. Click Finish to complete the Cloud Extender configuration.
    After a few minutes, Cloud Extender collects data and uploads that data to the MaaS360 Portal. You can check this process by logging in to the MaaS360 Portal with your portal URL and selecting Setup > Manage Cloud Extenders workflow. The Cloud Extender in the MaaS360 Portal shows connection status and the configured services. However, depending on the speed of your installation and the number and the size of enabled modules, you might see a slight delay with updated status information.