Adding and distributing Apple VPP apps

Distribute Apple VPP apps to users or devices after you add the apps to the MaaS360® App Catalog.


  1. Click Add in the iTunes App Store App.
  2. Search for the app and click Submit.
    Note: Do not distribute the app from this screen if you want to choose between the Device (default method) or the User license types.
  3. After the app is added to the MaaS360 App Catalog, click Distribute below the app name.
    App Catalog
  4. Specify the target for the app distribution and select either User or Device license type.
    VPP app distribution
    • The User license type is automatically applied to user-enrolled devices.
    • Apple Shared devices support the Device license type only.
    • You can only reclaim device-based licenses after a wipe of the device and after MDM control is removed from the device. You cannot reclaim user-based licenses after a device wipe and MDM control removal.
    • If the app is deployed to multiple distribution targets, the following license types apply:
      • If you select the User license type for all distribution targets, the app is pushed to all targets with a user-based license.
      • If you select the Device license type for at least one distribution target, the app is pushed to that target with a device-based license.