January 2024 Daily Fixes Summary

MaaS360 Daily Fixes - January 2024

Fix Description Release Date
47051 Azure AD user groups were not synchronizing with user groups in the MaaS360 portal 30 January 2024
47040 In the MaaS360 portal, an incorrect user profile was synchronized from the Azure AD profile. 29 January 2024
46819 MaaS360 displayed the Usage policy status as pending even though the device had accepted the policy. 22 January 2024
46883 MaaS360 could not email the daily reports from the MaaS360 portal to the configured recipients. 17 January 2024
46945 The administrator was unable to select the OS version when the "Push macOS Update" action was performed from the MaaS360 portal. 11 January 2024
47011 The administrator was unable to wrap any application from the Maas360 portal. 09 January 2024
46739 Zebra devices were reverted to kiosk mode after manual exit using the password. 09 January 2024