Cloud Extender use cases

Cloud Extender® provides various combinations of use cases for a mobile device program, based on integration requirements, the size of the environment, and High Availability (HA) requirements.

The following Cloud Extender use cases are the most common scenarios for a mobile device program:

  • Enrolling mobile devices with Corporate Active Directory credentials (User Authentication module)
  • Limiting enrollments to certain user groups (User Authentication module)
  • Creating policies for a specific Active Directory (AD) / LDAP groups (User Visibility module)
  • Discovering active devices connected in your email environment by using ActiveSync (Exchange and IBM® Traveler module)
  • Blocking new ActiveSync devices that are not enrolled in MaaS360® (Exchange and IBM Traveler module)
  • Creating identity certificates with an internal certificate authority (CA) and distributing those certificates to devices for authentication with wifi, VPN, Exchange module, IBM Traveler module, F5/Load Balancer pass-through, and SMIME
  • Allowing access to internal corporate resources, such as SharePoint, Windows file shares, or intranet sites (Mobile Enterprise Gateway (MEG) module)