Configuring document settings in the MaaS360 Portal

Follow these steps to configure document policies and behavior.


  1. From the MaaS360® Portal Home page, select Docs > Settings.
  2. Review the default document settings:
    Option Description
    Enforce Password for Accessing Docs Users must type a password to access the document distributed for the WorkPlace Policy.
    Restrict Access on Jail broken Devices Users cannot open documents in jail broken devices.
    Restrict Visibility to User Docs Documents are only visible to the user of the device.
    Restrict Export Users cannot open documents with third-party apps or send documents by email message.
    Restrict Cut/Copy/Paste Users cannot cut, copy, or paste text from documents with third-party apps.
    Password Protected Users must type a password to access the document.

    The password depends on enrollment settings. For example, if the enrollment settings require Active Directory credentials, the user must provide their Active Directory credentials to access the document.

    Download only on Wi-Fi Uses the wifi network to download documents to a device.
    Restrict Delete after Download Prevents users from removing a locally cached copy of the document.
    Download Automatically Downloads a document automatically on the device.
    Hide Doc Preview in App Prevents a preview of the document. This option supports file formats such as iBooks where preview is not supported.