Services settings (WorkPlace Persona policy)

Use the Services setting to configure MaaS360® services for enrolled iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

The following table describes the services that you can configure for MaaS360® enrolled devices:

Table 1. WorkPlace services settings
Policy setting Description Supported devices
Secure mail Specifies whether you can set up the MaaS360® Secure Mail product.

If this setting is enabled, the personal information manager (PIM) apps provide corporate email, calendar, and contacts.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Browser Specifies whether you can set up the MaaS360® Secure Browser.

If this setting is enabled, compliance on the web browser is enforced.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10+
WorkPlace app container Secures public and enterprise apps by using the WorkPlace software development kit (SDK). iOS, Android
Docs sync Allows a user to access the personal content repository for secure content storage and sharing across devices that are user owned and enrolled. iOS, Android
Usage policy Uploads a specific usage acceptance policy with your corporate Usage policy or you can select from the uploaded Usage policy. This setting supports HTML (or plain text that is saved as HTML) file types. iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Docs viewer Allows a user to securely view documents and email attachments. Android
Docs editor Provides access to the docs editor. iOS, Android
Read-only policy If this setting is enabled, users do not have to accept the usage policy. This setting applies to existing enrolled devices.

For new enrollments or sign-in, users must accept the usage policy.

If this setting is disabled, configure the following options:
  • Action on non-acceptance of usage policy
  • Grace period (in days)
  • Email notification frequency
iOS 3.85+, Android 6.50+
Action on non-acceptance of usage policy Take one of the following actions on a user device if the Read-only policy is disabled or the Usage policy is not accepted by an existing user:
  • Do nothing: No action is taken on the user device.
  • Sign out: The user is signed out of the device.
  • Selective wipe: The user device is selectively wiped to remove company data such as wifi profiles, web shortcuts, or Exchange ActiveSync profiles that are configured on the device from the MaaS360 policy.
  • Remove control: The user device is removed from MaaS360 control and MaaS360 stops managing the device. All corporate data is wiped from the device before MaaS360 stops managing the device.
  • Wipe: All data on the user device is erased and the device is reset back to the original factory settings.
Note: If an action does not apply to the device for not accepting the Usage policy, an alternative action is taken on the device. For more information about alternative actions, see EULA Usage policy actions on a user device.
iOS 3.85+, Android 6.50+
Email notification frequency Frequent email reminders are sent to the user about a change in the Usage policy. The user must accept the Usage policy before the grace period expires. iOS 3.85+, Android 6.50+
Grace period (in days) The allowed number of days the user can use the device without accepting the Usage policy. After the grace period expires, selected actions are taken on the device.
Note: The grace period only applies if the Usage policy is modified. The grace period does not apply to enrollments or sign-ins.
iOS 3.85+, Android 6.50+
Always prompt user on app launch The Usage policy prompt is displayed to the user every time the app is started on the device. The prompt applies only if the Usage policy is modified or the Usage policy is not accepted by an existing user. iOS, Android
Location tracking Receives location feedback from a device. iOS, Android
Secure Chat Provides corporate chat for instant messaging. iOS, Android
Assistant Allows an Assistant for Secure Mail. This setting requires iOS App 3.45+ or Android App 6.00+. iOS, Android
Real-time Email Notifications Provides real-time notifications for PIM customers.