Passcode settings (WorkPlace Persona policy)

Use the Passcode settings to enforce the use of a secure passcode to access container apps on MaaS360 enrolled devices.

The following table describes the passcode settings that you can configure for MaaS360® enrolled devices:

Table 1. WorkPlace passcode settings
Policy setting Description Supported devices
Enforce passcode Configures the passcode policy for accessing container apps.  
Configure passcode policy
Allow simple passcode Simple passcode such as passcode values with ascending, descending, or repeating character sequences are allowed. Example: 1111, 12345 iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Minimum passcode length The minimum number of characters that are needed for a passcode. The range is 4 - 16 characters. iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Require alphanumeric characters Requires a user to create a passcode with both numbers and letters.

Require special characters: Requires a user to use special characters in passcode. Choose the number of special characters that are allowed for use in an alphanumeric passcode. The range is 1 - 4 characters.

iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Maximum passcode age The number of days that can pass before a passcode must be changed. The range is 1 - 365 days.

If you leave this field blank, the passcode never expires.

iOS, Android
Passcode history Represents the minimum number of times that a unique passcode is needed before you reuse a passcode. The range is 4 - 16 times.

If you leave this field blank, you can reuse a passcode that you previously used on the device.

iOS, Android
Allow Touch ID or Use of Biometrics For iOS and Android devices below Android 9.0, users will be allowed to use Touch ID instead of a PIN to get access to WorkPlace. If WorkPlace is not accessed for 48 hours, users must input the PIN. For Android 9.0+ devices, users will be prompted with a biometric prompt for fingerprint authentication by OS. iOS App 2.95+, Android App 5.55+
Use corporate password as passcode Users are prompted to enter corporate credentials to authenticate instead of a passcode.
Note: This setting is deprecated and is no longer supported post the upgrade of the MaaS360 app to the Unified Authentication workflow and for device versions later than Android app 7.60 and iOS app 4.80. MaaS360 uses the authentication type that is set at the user-level for enrollments.
iOS App 2.90+, Android App 5.25+
Allowed time for offline authentication Choose a time interval such that offline authentication will be performed after the specified time interval.
Note: This setting is supported for Android devices. For iOS, offline access is allowed for 24 hours.
Android 5.25+
Failed attempts to allow before data wipe The number of failed password attempts allowed before all data in the app is wiped. The allowed values are 4 - 16 or leave this field blank. iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Allowed idle time (in minutes) Prompts the user to input a passcode if the app is inactive for the specified amount of time. iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Use passcode for content encryption Allows the user to enter a passcode to encrypt content.
Cache key for background sync: Saves the encryption key in memory for the defined time period to allow for background mail synchronization. This setting supports 8, 24, or 72 hours.
Note: If you do not select a time period, mail is synchronized only when the app is open. The background synchronization might not run in the background for a specific amount of time if the operating system stops the app to recover memory. In this case, the background synchronization stops until the app is reopened.
iOS App 2.70+, Android App 5.25+
Enable user switch for shared devices Shared device users can switch user on the PIN screen.
Timeout for inactive signed-in user (in minutes): Automatically signs out the current user if the app is inactive for a specific amount of time. Leave this field blank to prevent the user from automatically signing out of the device.
Note: The Sign Out option is still available on the device regardless of what is configured for this setting.
Android App 5.85+