Creating deep links for Enterprise apps

You can use deep links to navigate users to the detail view of an app or directly install apps on devices.

About deep links

Deep links navigate users to the detail view of an app from a different app or a web portal. In Android, deep links also support auto-installation of Google Play and Private apps on devices that are enrolled in Android Enterprise (DO and PO) modes. This allows users to bypass the enterprise App Catalog and initiate the app installation by just tapping the deep link sent by the administrator. For example, an IT administrator can create and distribute a custom URL as a deep link pointing to the download page of a VPN application that is located in the organization's online help portal: maas360appcatalog://launchapp?.

Note: Deep links are supported on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. macOS support for deep links is planned for a future release.

Creating deep links


Use the following syntax to create deep links:

  • The name of the package.
  • 4.9.1: The version of the app
  • autoInstall=true: Indicates that the app is marked for auto-installation. If the value is false or the parameter is not provided, users are navigated to the detail view of the app.
  • The app that is being installed must be available in the end-user App Catalog.
  • The deep link must have all the necessary parameters.
  • Auto-installation is only supported on Android Enterprise devices that are enrolled in Device Owner or Work Profile (also called Profile Owner) modes.
Use the following settings to create deep links:
  • Default syntax for app view: maas360appcatalog://launchapp?appID=<bundle_ID or app_ID>&appVersion=<app_version>
  • Default syntax for Windows app download and install: maas360appcatalog://launchapp?appID=77a5f49b-3d10-3c1f-a073-8eca625dba2d&appVersion=1&downloadinstall=true

    Note: The one-click download and install option is available for Windows 10 and later. This syntax requires Windows Core 4.00 and Windows MES 2.00.

  • Sample deep link: maas360appcatalog://launchapp?
  • Deep links always use the maas360appcatalog://launchapp? prefix.
  • Administrators can use the appID and the appVersion to create a custom deep link.
  • For iOS, the value for the appID can contain the bundleID or the appID for the specific app. Note: This setting requires MaaS360 App 3.7.
  • For Android and Windows, the value for the appID is the same as the App ID in the App View page.
  • When a user taps a deep link, the user is directed to the web version of the App Installation page for the App Catalog.
    App installation status
    If a user taps an invalid URL, an error message is displayed.
    Error handling