Creating a compliance rule for devices

Follow these steps to create a compliance rule for your devices in the MaaS360® Portal.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Security > Compliance Rules.
    The Compliance Rules window is displayed.
  2. Click Add Rule Set.
    The Add Rule window is displayed.
  3. Specify the group that the rule applies to, the name of the rule set, and which existing rule to use as a basis.
  4. Click Continue.
    The Basic Settings tab is displayed.
  5. On the Basic Settings tab, specify the platforms that the rule set applies to and then type the email addresses that receive alerts for the rule set.
  6. Click the Enforcement Rules tab, and then choose the following options:
    • Enrollment in MDM
    • Specific operating system versions
    • Support for block- and file-level encryption, or no encryption
    • Compliance with corporate app policies for allowed, blocked, and required apps
    • Support for remote wipe
    • Restrictions for jailbroken (iOS), rooted (Android), or Health Attestation Failed (Windows) devices
    • Managing access of blocked devices to corporate resources
    • Enforcing operating system patch update installation
    The Wipe action wipes all data from the mobile device and resets the device to the original factory settings. For Android 2.2, the Wipe action resets the phone memory only. However, for Android 2.3, the Wipe action resets both the phone memory and the SD card.

    Note: The Block and the Wipe enforcement actions are available only with the Cloud Extender® integration.

  7. Click the Geo-Fencing Rules tab to change the policy on the device based on its location or to specify actions that occur on the device when the device is removed from one of the approved locations.
  8. Click the Monitoring Rules tab to monitor changes to the SIM, when a user's device is roaming, and any operating system version changes.
  9. Click the Expense Monitoring Rules tab to apply changes to mobile data usage, to monitor both roaming and in-network data usage, and to manage usage thresholds.
    Note: You must purchase the Expense Management module separately. Contact IBM® Support for more information.
  10. Click the Group Based Rules tab to create rules for previously defined groups of devices or users.
  11. Click the Custom Attribute Rules tab to create rules for previously defined groups of devices or users.
  12. Apply your changes, and then click Save.