Web Shortcuts

The Web Shortcuts settings configure the display of web shortcuts on an Android device.

Note: The Web Shortcuts policy is supported only on Android 2.2+ devices.

The following table describes the web shortcuts that you can configure on an Android device:
Policy setting Description Supported devices
Display name of the shortcut The name that identifies the web shortcut. Android 2.2+
URL for the shortcut The URL of the web shortcut. Android 2.2+
Icon for the shortcut The icon that is used for the web shortcut.

The supported image file types for web shortcuts are JPEG, JPG, and PNG. The dimensions of the image must range from 36*36 pixels to 96*96 pixels.

Android 2.2+
Show web shortcut on the device home page The web shortcut is displayed on the home page of the device.

If this setting is disabled in the policy, the web shortcut is displayed in the Apps section.

Android 2.2+