The VPN settings provide settings for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on an iOS device.

Supported VPN configuration types

The following VPN types are supported by MaaS360® on iOS devices:
  • IKEV2
  • L2TP
  • PPTP
  • Cisco (IPsec)
  • Cisco Legacy AnyConnect
  • Cisco AnyConnect
  • Juniper SSL
  • Pulse Secure
  • F5 Access Legacy
  • F5 Access
  • Sonicwall Mobile Connect
  • Aruba VIA®
  • MaaS360 VPN
  • Custom SSL
  • Palo Alto (Global Protect)

On-demand VPN and per-app VPN

MaaS360 supports both on-demand VPN and per-app VPN configurations. However, the on-demand VPN setup requires the administrator to set dictionary rules when the VPN configuration is displayed on the device. This feature is being deprecated by Apple, and is not displayed in the MaaS360 Portal unless the administrator requests the feature from MaaS360.

The per-app VPN allows a wrapped app to use an HTTP or HTTPS connection to access internal resources in your organization from public networks, regardless of VPN settings on the device. An organization can run multiple VPNs, each with their own list of apps that connects with different profiles that are built in a single MDM policy.

The per-app VPN now supports App Proxy and Packet Tunnel provider types. For iOS 12.0+ devices, you must use a Packet Tunnel provider type for the per-app VPN to work. The VPN payload now supports a bundle identifier. If a VPN vendor provides two different apps, an administrator can use an app bundle identifier for each VPN app to differentiate between the two apps.

Note: The provider type and bundle identifier options are now available for Palo Alto, Aruba VIA, Sonicwall Mobile Connect, Juniper SSL, and the Custom SSL VPN profile types that are supported in MaaS360.

For more information about app wrapping, see About enterprise app wrapping.