System Update Settings

You can configure when over-the-air system updates are installed on a device.

This policy affects the pending system update (if there is one) and any future updates for the device.
Note: Requires MaaS360 for Android app version 8.20+ for Work Profile on Corporate Owned (WPCO) devices.
The following table describes settings that are required to configure system updates:
Policy Setting Description Supported Devices
Configure System Update Settings Configure the following update options:
  • Install immediately: Installs OS updates immediately on a device that is properly connected with sufficient battery life.
  • Install during maintenance window only: Defines the maintenance window to install updates on the device. If updates are not installed on the device within the maintenance window after 30 days, the update is installed on the device at the next available time.
  • Postpone updates: Postpones the installation of an update on the device for 30 days. After 30 days, the update is immediately installed on the device.
Android (DO) 6.0+, Android (WPCO) 11+
Configure Freeze Period Freezes the system update over the scheduled time to suspend the installation of the latest updates on devices for up to 90 days.
When a device is in a freeze period, the following occurs:
  • The device does not receive notifications about pending system updates.
  • System updates to the operating system are not installed.
  • Users are prevented from manually checking system updates.

Use the Start Date and the End Date fields to define the freeze periods. Use the (+) plus icon to add multiple freeze periods.

Android (DO) 6.0+, Android (WPCO) 11+