The Passcode settings enforce the use of a secure passcode to unlock an iOS device.

Passcode settings

The following table describes the passcode settings that you can configure on an iOS device:
Policy setting Description
Allow simple passcode A simple four-digit passcode is allowed. If this setting is enabled, you can provide a simple passcode with consecutive and repeating characters such as 0000 and 1234. If this setting is disabled, the simple passcode option is turned off, and you can provide a complex passcode. Note
Minimum passcode length The minimum number of characters that are needed for a passcode. The range is 4 - 16 characters.
Required number of special characters The number of special characters, or non-alphanumeric characters, that must be provided for the passcode.
Maximum passcode age (1 - 730 days or blank) The number of days that can pass before a passcode must be changed. The range is 1 - 730 days.

If you leave this field blank, the passcode never expires.

Allowed idle time (in minutes) before auto-lock The amount of time the device remains inactive before the device is locked automatically.
Number of unique passcodes required before reuse allowed ( 1- 50 or blank) The number of times a unique passcode is used before an older passcode can be used again.

If you leave this field blank, you can reuse a passcode that you previously used on the device.

Grace period for device lock The amount of time a device is locked before a passcode is required to unlock the device.
Number of failed passcode attempts before all data is erased (2 - 11) The number of passcode attempts that are allowed before the device is wiped.

If you leave this field blank, the device remains unlocked and data is not wiped from the device.