The AirPrint settings allow devices that are connected to the same network to print over-the-air (OTA) through a wifi network.

AirPrint settings

MaaS360® can preconfigure AirPrint settings for device users as part of the MDM payload. This configuration is useful in environments where the printer and devices are on different subnets.

The following table describes the AirPrint settings that you can configure on an iOS device:
Policy setting Description Supported devices
IP address
Resource path
The IP address and the network path to the AirPrint printer.

For example: printers/Canon_MG5300_series

iOS 7.0+
Port The port number of the AirPrint printer that is used over-the-air (OTA) on the wifi network. iOS 11.0+
Force TLS The device must use a secure connection to access the AirPrint printer. iOS 11.0+