Accessing the MaaS360 Secure Container

Follow these steps to access the MaaS360® Secure Container.

Before you begin

Depending on the security requirements for your organization, you might need to enter a passcode to access some of the contents in the MaaS360 Secure Container.


  1. Tap the MaaS360 app icon MaaS360 app icon to access the MaaS360 Secure Container.
    Your corporate apps are displayed in the container. Red badges with numbers indicate that there are new items available for that specific app.
    MaaS360 Secure Container
    Note: The apps that are displayed in the screenshot might differ slightly from the apps that your organization licenses from IBM® in the IBM MaaS360 Productivity Suite or the IBM MaaS360 Content Suite. The MaaS360 Secure Container might contain the following apps:
    • IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Mail (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes)
    • IBM MaaS360 Mobile Content Management (Docs)
    • IBM MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser (Browser)
    • IBM MaaS360 Mobile Document Editor (Editor)
    • IBM MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management (MEM) (Expenses)
  2. Your Administrator can send messages directly to the MaaS360 Secure Container on your device. Tap the Messages icon Messages icon to retrieve those messages.
    Note: If you are using a smartphone, the list of messages is displayed. Tap a message to view the contents of the message. If you are using a tablet, the list of messages is displayed on the right side of the tablet screen, with the first message displayed on the left side of the tablet screen.
  3. Tap the Support icon Support icon. Information about your device is displayed. You might need to provide this information to IBM Support for assistance with troubleshooting an issue.