Removing Enterprise apps from devices with active distributions

The administrator can enable settings in the MaaS360® Portal that prevent devices from receiving app distributions from specific Primary or Secondary Enterprise apps.

In the following example, you can configure the Stop distribution to this device setting to take the following actions:
  • Remove an enterprise app from a device when app distribution to the active device is stopped. To stop app distribution to a device, go to the App Summary view in the App Catalog, and then click the X icon that is displayed next to the app distribution list.

    Note: If the Remove on Stop distribution setting is enabled, the app is uninstalled from the device when app distribution is stopped. New devices that are added to the distribution list do not receive the app after device enrollment.

    Viewing an example of stop distribution to the device
  • Remove enterprise apps from devices if the app was distributed to a user group or device group, but the device is no longer used by the user group or the device group. The app is then removed from the device within 24 hours.

    For example, device A is part of a device group named Mac devices. The F5 Access and Air Server apps are installed on all devices in the device group named Mac devices. If the F5 Access app is marked with the Remove on Stopping Distribution setting, then the F5 Access app is removed from device A within 24 hours.

    Viewing an example of stop distribution to the device by using remove on stop distribution setting