Adding a public app for macOS

Information about adding a macOS iTunes App Store app to the App Catalog.


  1. From the MaaS360® Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog.
  2. Click Add, expand the macOS section, and then select iTunes App for macOS.
    The iTunes App for macOS window is displayed.
  3. Provide the following details in the App Details tab:
    Option Options
    App Details App: The name of the app. When you start typing, MaaS360 automatically populates the entry with the corresponding public apps from the iTunes App Store.

    Category: The category of the app defined by the app developer.

    Change Region: Allows you to add apps from another region.

  4. Select the Policies and Distribution tab and provide the following details:
    Option Description
    Remove app on The app is automatically removed from the device in the following scenarios:
    • MDM Control Removal: When MDM control of a device is terminated by the administrator or a user.
    • Selective Wipe: When a selective wipe is issued to the device.
    • Stopping Distribution: When distribution is stopped on the device.
    Other Settings Allow Uninstaller for Users: The app cannot be removed from the end-user macOS App Catalog if this setting is disabled. If this setting is enabled, the app is displayed under the Uninstallers tab in the end-user macOS App Catalog, allowing users to remove the app.
    Distribute to The devices that receive the app. Use the plus icon to add multiple distributions. MaaS360 allows you to distribute an app to devices in the following ways:
    • None: The app is loaded in the App Catalog, but the app is not distributed to devices immediately.
    • Specific Device: The app is loaded in the App Catalog and deployed to a specific device.
    • Group: The app is deployed to a group of devices.
    • All Devices: All devices receive the app.
    MaaS360 supports the following distribution options:
    • Instant Install: The app is silently installed on selected devices. This option supports free and paid apps that use the Volume Purchase Program (VPP).
    • Send Email: MaaS360 sends the recipient an email about the new app.
    • Send Notification: MaaS360 sends a notification to the device when a new app is available.
  5. Click Add.
    The macOS iTunes App Store app is successfully added to the App Catalog.