Importing specific user groups for an Azure AD tenant into the MaaS360 Portal

Follow these steps to configure Azure visibility in the MaaS360® Portal with a specific set of user groups for an Azure AD tenant.

Before you begin

The MaaS360 Admin must enable the Enable Azure Group Based Data Sync customer property in the IBM Admin Portal.

About this task

For this feature, the administrator can now import the data for a specific set of users (up to 10 groups of users) from an Azure AD tenant into the MaaS360 Portal. After the administrator configures from the MaaS360 Portal which groups to filter, users in the group hierarchy for the Azure AD tenant are synchronized with existing group information in the MaaS360 Portal. Any changes made to the configured group or its members are displayed in the MaaS360 Portal during the delta synchronization. When all data is synchronized, only the child group of the groups that are used in the filters are managed by MaaS360.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Setup > Azure Integration.
    Azure AD filter groups
  2. Select User Visibility, and then click Configure.
    You are redirected to the Microsoft account login page.
  3. Log in to your Microsoft account and grant permission for MaaS360 to view your Azure AD instance.
    For the User Visibility service, you must provide the Tenant ID details to complete the configuration. When the configuration is complete, all users and groups are imported into MaaS360.
  4. Enable the Sync specific user groups setting, and then click Sync Groups.
    Azure AD filter groups
    The Sync specific user groups window is displayed.
    Azure AD filter groups
  5. Enter the name of the user group (maximum of 10 groups allowed) that you want to fetch for the Azure AD tenant in the Azure AD Portal, and then click Save.
    The users are fetched from the Azure AD Portal and displayed in the MaaS360 Portal at Users > Directory with synchronized data.
    If you want to import user groups into the MaaS360 Portal, select Users > Groups > Add > User Directory Group to import User Directory groups in the MaaS360 Portal.
    Add User Directory Group window
    The name of the group and the GUID of each group is displayed in the MaaS360 Portal.
    When the integration is configured, all data is synced every 4 hours from Azure AD to MaaS360. Only changes in the data are synced.