Using the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser

Follow these steps to use the MaaS360® Secure Mobile Browser.


  1. Tap the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser app icon MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser app icon to access the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser app.

    Note: Depending on the security policy that is implemented by your organization, you might need to enter login credentials to access intranet sites and corporate web apps.

    The Home page that is defined by your organization is displayed in the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser.
    MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser Home page
    The Home page contains the following icons on the toolbar at the top of the browser window:
    Icon Description
    1 - Main menu Displays the following menu items:
    • Home: Displays the Home page that is defined by your organization in your browser window.
    • Bookmarks: Displays the bookmarks that your company sent directly to your device or that you saved in your browser window.

      Note: You can rearrange bookmarks in the Admin Bookmarks, but you cannot change or delete those bookmarks. You can move, change, or delete bookmarks in My Bookmarks.

      To... Do this...
      Create a bookmark Go to a web page and tap the Star icon in the browser bar.
      Edit a bookmark Tap Edit.
      Change the name of a bookmark Tap the bookmark and type the new name for the bookmark.
      Delete a bookmark Hold and drag the red Delete icon.
      Change the order of the bookmarks in either Admin Bookmarks or My Bookmarks Hold and drag the bookmark to a new location.

      Note: You cannot move bookmarks between the Admin Bookmarks and the My Bookmarks categories.

    • History: Displays your browsing history. The history information is divided between newer and older entries.
    • Settings: Provides the following information about the browser:
      Setting Description
      Account Number The account number for your company.
      Policy The MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser policy in effect for the device.
      Last App Sync The date and the time that MaaS360 last synced information for the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser app.
      URL Filtering Specifies whether MaaS360 is tracking, reporting on, or blocking websites defined by your company as a potential threat.
      Corporate Intranet Access Specifies whether MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser provides access to corporate intranet sites.
      Accept Cookies Specifies whether cookies are accepted from visited websites.
      Use Safari user agent Enable this option to allow servers to use specific user agents that display web pages properly.
      Verbose Logging Enable this option to assist your Help Desk in troubleshooting issues with the MaaS360 Secure Mobile Browser app.
    • Scan QR Code: Uses the camera from your device to scan a QR code and then enters that URL in the browser.
    2 - Bookmarks Bookmarks the current web page in the browser window.
    3 - New tab Displays a browser window in a new tab.
  2. Type a web address in the address bar to access a website.
    You can access company intranet sites, web apps, and networks, including SharePoint, JIRA, internal wikis, and legacy ERP systems without using an on-device VPN.
    Website access
    Note: If you access a blocked website, the following error message is displayed:
    Blocked website message