Supporting user channel profiles on Apple Shared devices

MaaS360® supports user channel profiles on Apple Shared devices.

Apple Shared devices support the following profiles:
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Exchange
  • ActiveSync
  • Google accounts
  • LDAP
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • Subscribed calendars
  • Web clips
  • Passcode
  • Certificates for Calendars and Contacts

Configuring a user profile

You can configure user profiles and apply those configurations on Apple Shared devices to manage these devices efficiently. To configure a user profile:
  • Go to MaaS360 Portal > Security > Policies > iOS MDM Policy. When Apple School Manager (ASM) synchronizes with MaaS360, the user profiles that are configured in the iOS MDM policy are installed on the device. The iOS MDM user profiles that are installed on the device are displayed in the Security & Compliance section on the Device Summary page.
    Viewing an example of Configured Settings in Security and Compliance

    The Configured Settings section lists all the device and user settings that are configured and installed on the iOS device.