Creating an Apple School class in the MaaS360 Portal

A class is a collection of students and one or more instructors. When you create students and instructors, you can add users to a class. The Classes page lists all the classes that are created including class details such as class name, department, instructor, course, location, last update date, class source, and the number of students in a class.

About this task

Viewing an example of Classes


  1. Go to Schools > Class > Add Class.
  2. Provide a Name, Description, Department, Instructors (Auto complete user name), Student (Auto complete user name), Shared Device (Not applicable for local capability), Course, and Location.
    Viewing an example of adding a class in MaaS360 portal
  3. Click Add.
    In Classes, define the attributes for your classroom. You can define the name, department, location, instructors, and students for each classroom. The instructors and students must be listed in the MaaS360® User Directory.