MaaS360 App Catalog overview

The MaaS360® App Catalog is a repository for public (store apps), private (purchased), enterprise (custom built apps), and web apps.

The App Catalog provides a complete app management lifecycle for your enterprise workforce. You can use the App Catalog to remotely control apps on personal and corporate devices. MaaS360 offers various features that allow you to add, deploy, upgrade, secure, and manage apps across your organization.

The MaaS360 App Catalog provides the following benefits:

Feature Description
App types MaaS360 supports a wide range of app types and platforms.
App deployment
  • Use groups to distribute an app to multiple devices.
  • Use app bundles to distribute multiple apps to devices at once.
  • Silently install/uninstall apps without the intervention of users.
  • Retry installation if the app installation is not successful.
  • Upload multiple versions of the same app for testing purposes.
  • Deploy enterprise app updates to devices. You can also deploy enterprise app updates to devices that already have the primary version side-loaded through a third-party source other than MaaS360.
  • Set up automatic app removal conditions to prevent unauthorized access to the app.
  • Enable the app approval workflow to ensure that apps pass predefined quality standards and guidelines before the apps are promoted to the App Catalog.
  • Enforce wrapping and singing to control specific app functions.

MaaS360 App Catalog overview:

App Catalog Overview