Using the IBM MaaS360 App Catalog 3.0 for Android

The IBM® MaaS360® App Catalog 3.0 for Android is a web-based view of apps deployed to users. You can deploy apps to individual users, multiple users based on job function, or to a group of users.

App Catalog 3.0 for Android display modes

The App Catalog 3.0 for Android provides the following display modes:
  • Simple Mode: Use this mode for up to 15 apps on any one platform. This mode delivers a simple and streamlined experience for users to find, install, and update apps. The Simple Mode contains only the Apps tab.
    Simple Mode for App Catalog for Android
  • Advanced Mode: Use this mode with many apps on any one platform. This mode delivers a modern and efficient experience to help users explore and discover the apps that they need with eye-catching banners, app bundles, and lists of top apps.
    The Advanced Mode displays the following four tabs on the Android home screen:
    • Bundles
    • Apps
    • Featured
    • My Apps
    Advanced Mode for App Catalog for Android

Launching the App Catalog 3.0 for Android

App Catalog main page

When you open the App Catalog 3.0 for Android, the App Catalog main page displays popular apps deployed to the device. The App Catalog main page is available only in Advanced Mode.
App Catalog main page
The App Catalog main page is divided into three sections:
  • Featured Banners: Banners that are published by IT to provide quick access to featured apps or bundles of apps. These apps are provided by your IT team to market to users.
    • Tap on the banner image to see more information, and then swipe left or right to move through different banners.
      Corporate Apps banner in App Catalog
  • New and Updated/Popular: The top three new and updated apps, and popular apps based on download count.
    • Tap a tile to view details about an individual app.
      New and Updated and Popular apps in App Catalog
  • App Bundles: Groups of apps packaged by your organization for quick access.
    • Tap Bundles to view the list of bundles distributed to the device.
    • Tap on any bundle to view the individual apps in the bundle.
      Bundles tile in App Store view for Android
    • For bundles that contain enterprise apps only, tap Install All. However, if the bundle contains both enterprise apps and Google Play, you must install apps individually.
      Enterprise application bundles
  • Other features - Swipe down the screen to refresh the view and display new distributed apps.
    • This action also sends a full app inventory back to the administrative server for reporting purposes.
    • Drag the screen down until a refresh wheel is displayed on the Android home screen.

Apps tab

The view for the Apps tab displays a list of all apps deployed to a device. The Apps tab is the only tab that is available when the App Catalog is in Simple Mode.
  • Scroll to view all apps in the App Catalog.
  • Install apps on a device from this view.
Apps tab in Simple Mode

My Apps tab

The view for the My Apps tab displays all the apps that are installed on the device, including public and enterprise apps. This tab also indicates whether an installed app has an update available. The update is determined based on an incremental app version versus what is already installed on the mobile device.
My Apps tab in Simple Mode

Other features

You can explore other apps in the App Catalog 3.0 for Android with the following features:
  • Search:
    • To search for apps, follow these steps:
      1. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the home screen.
      2. Enter the text to automatically filter for the apps that meet your search criteria.
    • To clear a search, tap the X icon in the Search box.
      Search feature in App Catalog
  • Advanced Filter: By default, all apps are displayed in this view. Choose one of the following actions:
    • To filter apps by app category, tap Categories.
    • To filter apps based on corporate enterprise apps, tap Corporate.
    • To filter apps based on public applications, tap Play.
    • To filter for web apps, tap WebApp.
    Advanced Filter feature App Catalog for Android