Automatic OU lookup from the Corporate Directory (User Authentication)

Administrators might generate LDAP validation errors from manually entering LDAP options in the Cloud Extender® Configuration Tool. In the Cloud Extender 2.93 release, administrators can now automatically search and select from a list of options (search roots, filter groups) that automatically populate the Cloud Extender LDAP/Advanced Mode configuration screens.

Note: This feature is supported by Cloud Extender 2.93 and later. This feature is only available for LDAP variants of the User Authentication and the User Visibility modules, but not for LDAP Active Directory.

LDAP Domain Controller server search

From the Server Name field, click the magnifying glass icon. The Cloud Extender Configuration Tool tries to locate the LDAP Domain Controller and auto-fill the Server Name field with a well-formed LDAP host name (for example: forest35.fiberlinkqa.local).

Cloud Extender searches the root DSE level. If a machine is not joined to a domain, the Search returns no results and displays a no domains found message. If the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool cannot determine the host name, an error message is displayed and the administrator must enter the server name manually. The port number defaults to the secure LDAP port 636.
LDAP Domain Controller server search

Search user bases

The administrator can either enter one or more search bases manually, or click the magnifying glass icon to start the search.
Search user bases
The Cloud Extender Configuration Tool connects to the LDAP server (server/port configuration that is entered on the configuration screen) and runs a query for a list of potential search bases. The query results are organized by OU depth (the number of components in the OU) and displayed in a tree control that is ordered from the shallowest to the deepest depth.
LDAP search base
The first two nodes in the tree view are expanded by default since most user search bases are derived from these levels of depth. The administrator can select individual search bases by checking the box next to the node.
LDAP search expanded

Checking the root check box for a node automatically selects or clears all child nodes. Each select or clear action results in an updated list of currently selected search bases in the list box on the right side of the screen. When the window is displayed, any existing search bases from the LDAP configuration screen are checked by default.

Click OK to populate the user search base list in the LDAP Search Base for Users section of the User Authentication configuration screen.
LDAP search results