Enrolling non-DEP iOS 11+ devices without using authentication

The Without Authentication enrollment method for the Apple Configurator workflow does not require user authentication to enroll a device in the MaaS360® Portal.


  1. From the MaaS360 Portal Home page, select Devices > Enrollments > Other Enrollment Options.
  2. Select Apple Configurator, and then click the MDM Server URL tab.
    Note: You can also access the Apple Configurator from Setup > Settings > Directory and Enrollment > Enrollment Programs.
  3. Select Non-DEP only Enrollment URL to receive an MDM server URL to enroll non-DEP iOS devices in the MaaS360 Portal. Note: The enrollment URL expires after 30 days. Administrators can contact IBM Support to change the expiration period to 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 365 days.
    Viewing an example of MDM server URL for without authentication method
  4. Choose the Without Authentication enrollment method. Copy the MDM Server URL that you received in step 3, and then click Close.
    User authentication is not required to enroll a device in the MaaS360 Portal.
  5. Connect the iOS device to a Mac, and then open Apple Configurator 2.5+ on the device.
  6. Select All Devices, click Prepare, and then select the Manual Configuration method.
    Viewing an example of preparing device
    • Do not check the Add to Device Enrollment Program option.
    • Choose whether to set the device as supervised or unsupervised. If you set the device as supervised, select the Allow devices to pair with other computers option to pair the device with other Mac devices, and then click Next.
    • Select the Supervise devices option to allow an administrator to supervise the device.
  7. Choose MDM Server from the list to add an MDM server, and then click Next. To define a new server, follow the steps that are listed in the Adding a server for non-DEP iOS 11+ device enrollment topic.
  8. In the Define an MDM Server window, select *.m.dm from the Add trust anchor certificates for the MDM server list, and then click Next.
    Viewing an example of defining MDM server
  9. In the Assign to Organization window, choose the organization that will supervise the device, and then click Next. To add an organization to the list, follow the steps that are listed in the Adding an organization for non-DEP iOS 11+ device enrollment topic.
    Viewing an example of assigning organization
  10. In the Configure iOS Setup Assistant window, choose setup options as needed, and then click Next. The setup options that are selected are displayed on the device for the user to configure.
    Viewing an example of configuring iOS setup assistant
  11. If a device was configured previously, a warning message is displayed. Click Erase to continue setting up the device or click Stop to discontinue setting up the device.
    Viewing an example of device warning message if device is prepared already
  12. After a device is configured with new settings, the following screens are displayed on the device:
    1. For the Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen, select a network from the list.
      Enrollment screens
    2. For the Remote Management screen, choose the Skip configuration option.
      Enrollment screens
      Device enrollment is complete when the Welcome to iPad screen is displayed.
      Enrollment screens